Greenbridge meets with NATO – Parliamentary Assembly Boston, MA

July 2009 – Greenbridge Partners/Members of the NATO PA Science and Technology Committee visited the United States Nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, energy security, as well as the security implications of new technologies were major themes of the visit of the NATO parliamentary delegation to Boston, Livermore and Monterey on 6-10 July. S Seventeen members of the Science and Technology Committee (STC), led by STC Vice-Chairman Senator Pierre Claude Nolin (Canada), were briefed by and had discussions with eminent American experts and scholars, and visited leading R&D institutions in the field of defence technology, including Raytheon, Sandia National Laboratories and the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. Another theme (organized by Greenbridge) and which featured strongly in briefings and discussions was energy and environmental security. The Assembly delegation was briefed on a number of technological innovations that could help address the challenge of developing our economies in an environmentally sustainable fashion. It was stressed that nuclear energy should be an important part of the energy mix.