At Greenbridge we believe there is no advocate more persuasive than the client. Our role lies in providing clients with the tools they need, and guiding them towards solutions that help advance their strategic agenda on Parliament Hill, at Queen’s Park or City Hall.

Given our backgrounds, we know how to customize public affairs solutions to respond to different needs, at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients to identify and engage the appropriate decision-makers.

We are adept at understanding what needs to be said and to whom, and through what mediums. We offer additional support to clients through strategic communications and event management services, both elements of a comprehensive strategy that prove decisive.

Sheefra Brisbin, President

Greenbridge can assist you in distilling your goals into a compelling narrative, and delivering that message to those who need to hear and understand it. We pride ourselves on delivering results for a range of clients in the private and non-governmental sectors.

As well, we are able to call on a full complement of affiliates working in such specialized fields as social and media digital strategy, design and special event management.